Vol.11 人生・仕事の結果=考え方 x 熱意 x 能力/ Life and work result = way of thinking x enthusiasm x ability



  People tend to think that complex elements are intertwined in the results of life and work, but Mr. Inamori decomposed it into only three elements, thinking, enthusiasm, and ability, and explained the importance of each. I think that ability is naturally born, but it can be enhanced by subsequent efforts. Moreover, in many cases, I do not think that there are large individual differences in the ability itself. In particular, I think that there is a lot of room for compensating for smartness with subsequent efforts compared to the difference in physical ability.



  On the other hand, whether or not you can keep working hard with a strong will is the key. Regardless of ability, I think that this strength and effort often make a difference in results. In particular, mental strength is one of the major factors because high motivation is required to continue efforts for a long period of time.




  Thirdly, your way of thinking determines the direction to get good results, and Mr. Inamori says that a bad idea and a negative way of thinking will not give good results in the long run. I agree with him. For me, I always try to keep my mind calm as much as I can. I also try to make flexible ideas and make the right decisions.


 私が人生や仕事で良い結果を得るために実践している方法としては、まずは経験を得るためのチャレンジ、人との対話、読書などである。先入観を持たずに、思いついたら出来るだけ即行動に移すようにしている。人との対話もビジネスをする上では非常に重要だ。人を介さないビジネスは成り立ち得ないからだ。読書は先達やそれぞれの業界で現在活躍されている方々から示唆に富んだ気付きや情報を得られるので非常に有意義だ。今では書店に行かなくてもネットで本をオーダーしたり、ダウンロードしてして読めるなど、大変便利なので利用しない手はない。Have a nice day!


  The methods I practice to achieve good results in my life and work are, first of all, the challenge of gaining experience, interacting with others, and reading. Without prejudice, I try to act as soon as I can. Dialogue with people is also very important for doing business. This is because businesses that don’t involve people don’t exist. Reading is very meaningful because it gives you various insights and information from the leaders who are currently active in their industry. Nowadays, it’s so convenient that you can order books online or download and read them without going to a bookstore. Have a nice day!




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