Vol.22 健全資産の原則を貫く





Vol.22 The principle of sound assets

  Mr. Kazuo Inamori (Founder of Kyocera and KDDI as well as Honorary Chairman of JAL) must suppress the occurrence of bad assets by purchasing the necessary items as much as necessary. In the unlikely event that a bad asset occurs, it must be disposed immediately to maintain sound assets, according to the book “Kyocera Philosophy”.

  Very important advice, and I had practiced it in my restaurant. For example, the size of a warehouse for factories and the size of refrigerators and freezers for restaurants determine the daily sales capacity. However, if the warehouse or refrigerator is filled with things, the efficiency becomes worse. By purchasing the necessary amount at the required time, even if the purchasing cost is a little high, it can be covered by improving work efficiency and reducing waste loss. To that end, good relationships with the suppliers who deliver the products are the key.

  I also support immediate disposal of bad assets. Although people manage inventory well and try their best to prevent loss, they occasionally have bad assets. I also immediately dispose of the bad asset if I end up with having it. Inventories that have not been used for a certain period in any industry should be treated as bad assets. By doing so, free space can be secured and work efficiency improves. My belief is that workplaces such as factories, warehouses, and offices should always be kept tidy and nothing should be left out.

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