Vol.13 心に描いたとおりになる/ You can achieve what exactly you imagine


Mr. Inamori describes that the outcome of each thing depends on what you draw in your heart. If you envision that you want to succeed by all means, you will succeed, and if you feel anxious that you may not be able to succeed, you will fail. I guess there are many people who feel the same way. From my own experience, I feel that this teaching is true. This is because people tend to work hard to achieve their goals when they think they can, and they tend not to take enough actions to achieve their goals when they think it is difficult.


So, when do people hesitate? Many people find it difficult to have a successful image when they are not confident in themselves. Here, I recommend that you do a self-analysis on why you are not confident. According to the ancient Chinese general, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, “If you know your enemy and know yourself, you will never be defeated in a hundred battles”, one approach is analyzing your goal and your own strengths and weaknesses to understand what you lack first and filling the gap. Confidence should increase as the gap is filled.

次に、どこかのタイミングで行動に踏み切る必要がある。思い切りの良さは、何かを実現したいという意志の強さと関係していることが多い。いつまでも行動に移せないという場合は、本当にそれが自分のやりたいことなのかどうかを、今一度、自問自答してみるのも一つの手である。何かを達成したいという強い意志があれば、心に自分の成功した姿をクリアに描くことができ、それが支えとなって行動にもつながるのではないかと思う。Have a nice day!

Next, it is necessary to take action at some point. Being decisive is often related to the willingness to do something. If you can’t act forever, you should ask yourself whether or not it really is what you want to do. If you have a strong desire to achieve something, I think that you can clearly image your success in your mind, which will support you and lead to action. Have a nice day!


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