Vol.14 夢を描く/ Have a dream


Mr. Inamori states that it is important to have big dreams and high goals, and that pursuing those dreams will make them a reality. This is my idea, but I define dreams by what people want to work on. By following that dream, people will find it worthwhile, and no matter what the result may be, they will be fulfilled. I think the results will come after their effort anyway. In addition, many positive things are likely to be gained in the process of challenging high goals. It may be possible to make new discoveries and open up new perspectives through challenges, and it can be expected to have the effect of enhancing one’s ability and improving one’s personality.

これは、ビジネスにもそのまま当てはめることができる。高い経営目標に向かって従業員と一致団結して努力を続けて行けば、きっと成果が出せるだろう。ただ、自分が社長や部門のトップであれば自分より大きな夢を描いたり、大きな目標を立てたりする部下はまれだということは覚えておこう。自分が立てた目標に自ら率先して取り組んでいくことで、部下を巻き込んで行こう。自分が大いに夢を語ることで、部下にとって励みとなるだろうし、社内の雰囲気も更に良くなることが期待できる。夢を描いたり、人に語ったりすることもリーダーとしての資質の一つではないだろうか?大いに夢を描こう!Have a nice day!

This can be exactly applied to business. If you work closely with your employees toward high management goals, you will surely achieve results. However, keep in mind that if you are the president or the head of a department, it is rare for subordinates to dream bigger than yours or set bigger goals than yours. Let’s involve subordinates by taking the initiative in tackling the goals that you have set. Every time you talk about your dreams, your subordinates will be encouraged by you, and you can expect that the atmosphere inside the company will improve. I think drawing a dream and talking about the dream to people is one of the qualities of a leader. Let’s be ambitious! Have a nice day!


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