Vol.15 動機善なりや、私心なかりしか/  Is your motive good? Not selfish?


  Mr. Inamori tells us that if your motive is good and you are not selfish, you will definitely succeed. This is encouraging teaching. However, if I were asked if I didn’t have a selfish mind when I started a business, my answer would be yes. If you are a business owner or a manager, you are supposed to have a great deal of discretion in your schedule, as long as it does not interfere with the overall work, and the usage and amount of expenses will be the same. Many people may feel that this high degree of freedom is a merit as a business owner or a manager. Actually, there was a time when I felt that way. On the other hand, the more seriously I engaged in management, the more time I devoted to work. Also, the more I controlled the purpose and amount of expenses, the more strictly I drew the line between my private spending and business spending.

 私の中の私心が減ったからだと考えている。それに伴い、私が経営するお店の業績も伸びた。起業当初から私心なく取り組めていれば、結果は違っていたかもしれない。私は起業当時、経験不足の上、不勉強だったが、苦労を経験することで多くを学び、徐々に自分が変化していったことを思い出す。時間はかかったが、貴重な学びとなった。この経験と学びを得てからは、何かを始める際には、稲盛氏に倣って、自分の動機が善であるか、私心はないか、としっかりと自問自答するよう肝に命じている。Have a nice day!

  I think this is because my selfishness within me has diminished. Along with that, the performance of the store I managed also started improving. The results might have been different if I had been acting less selfishly from the beginning. In fact, when I started a business, I had no experience about the management. Therefore, I learned a lot by experiencing hardships, and I remember gradually changing myself. It took time, but it was a valuable lesson. After gaining this experience and learning, every time I start something new, I imitate Mr. Inamori, and I ask myself whether my motive is good or not. Have a nice day!


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