Vol.16 純粋な心で人生を歩む/ Walk life with a pure heart


  Mr. Inamori explains that a pure heart means a lack of self-interest. It is the same as a pure motive for doing things. By acquiring a pure heart, we can lead a life without error. This is a concept that applies to business as it is, and I am confident that your effort will be rewarded by society if you continue to work for the benefit of people. In fact, it is easy to imagine that you will get a great reputation if you create a service with high added value that will be useful to many people. Globalization has lowered the boundaries of borders, and the spread of IT has made it possible to instantly receive world-wide news and transmit information and services.

 今やインフラさえ整えば、世界のどこにいてもほぼ変わらない環境で最新のサービスを利用でき、仕事もできる。結果がすぐに出やすいため、一攫千金を目指してビジネスに参入してくる者も多い。こんな時代であるからこそ、私は稲盛氏が説かれるようなピュアな考えが大切になってくると考えている。なぜかと言うと、経営者の質が問われる時代になると考えるからだ。今では経営者の発言や考えが瞬時に世界に伝わってしまうため、本当に世のため、人のためを考え、純粋な心で取り組んでいる経営者が行う、ビジネスやサービスが、これからはより選別され、評価されるだろう。Have a nice day!

  Now that you have infrastructure, you can use the latest services and work in environments that are almost the same anywhere in the world. Since the results are easy to come out immediately, many people are entering the business with the aim of earning a fortune. It is in such an era that I believe that the pure thoughts that Mr. Inamori explains will be important. The reason is that we think that it will be an era in which the quality of business owners is questioned. Nowadays, management’s remarks and thoughts are instantly transmitted to the world, so business and services conducted by a business owner who truly thinks for the sake of the world and for people and is working with a pure mind will be better selected and also will be evaluated from now on. Have a nice day!


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