Vo.24 目標を周知徹底する/ Share the target with everyone

Vo.24 目標を周知徹底する

 稲盛和夫氏(京セラとKDDIの創業者、JALの名誉会長)は、目標を達成するには、その目標が全員に周知徹底されていなければならない、と述べておられる。(参照: 京セラフィロソフィー第3章)


目標を達成した時のインセンティブを先に示しておくのは一つのやり方だ。シンプルな目標の方が従業員とも共有しやすくていいだろう。年間目標の他に、月間目標、週間目標、1日の目標にブレイクダウンして、常に目標と向き合っていくことがおすすめだ。一番重要なのは、目標を立てる時点では、達成が困難と思えるほどの高い目標を設定し、まずは先入観を排し、次に想像力を振り絞ってその戦略を考え続けることだ。高い目標を設定し、それに挑戦していくことが、イノベーション の源泉だと私は考えている。従来の延長線上の行動では、到底目標達成がかなわないと思えば、革新的な発想につながることも多いからだ。適切な目標設定と従業員とのシェア、実践は経営者の最重要課題の一つで、終わりのない自分自身との闘いでもあると考えている。


Vo.24 Share the target with everyone

  Mr. Kazuo Inamori (Founder of Kyocera and KDDI, Honorary Chairman of JAL) states that in order to achieve a goal, everyone must be informed of the goal. (Reference: Kyocera Philosophy; Chapter 3)

If we could do this, we would make the ideal management of all employees happen. This may sound easy but difficult to do. The reason is that if you set a goal that is too high, it will not encourage people to achieve it. If you set a goal that is too low, it will not make much sense. After all, if you are a business owner or the head of a department, you want to set high goals, involve all employees, draw out the power of everyone, and achieve the goals. I agree with you. Your responsibility is crucial because the president is the one who finalizes the company-wide goals. This is because you have to think about strategies to achieve the goals at the same time.

It’s not going to be easy to inspire employees just with instructions. One idea is to show incentives when you set your goals. Simple goals are definitely good to share with employees. In addition to the annual goal, it’s better to break down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals so that you can always face your goals more clearly. Most importantly, you should set the goals that are not easy to achieve first. I think that the source of innovation is setting high goals and challenging them. We believe that setting appropriate goals, sharing with employees, and practicing are one of the most important issues for business owners or managers, and it is also an endless challenge to themselves. Have a nice day!

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