稲盛和夫の京セラフィロソフィ  Vol.37 原理原則にしたがう/ Follow the principle





Vol.37 Follow the principle

  Mr. Kazuo Inamori (Founder of Kyocera and KDDI, Honorary Chairman of JAL) is saying if we are based on the essence of what is right as a human being, in terms of the decision making on management regardless it is organizational, financial, or profit sharing, we can avoid mistakes in making a decision. (Source: Kyocera Philosophy)

  In the United States, where discrimination is illegal, I have been keenly aware of fairness when leading employees as the head of an organization. In all things that are related to work, whether it is fairness or not is very important after legality. What I learned from management is to first document all the things related to work. Specifically, when hiring a person in a certain position, I explain not only the role required for that position, but also the corporate philosophy, corporate principles, conditions for raising salary and the warning flow from instructions to dismissal. If the candidate is satisfied with everything, they will enter the 3-month trial period. Prior to official employment, the candidate is required to sign on the paper described with the above details.

  If no improvement can be seen no matter how many times the right instruction and explanation is given, it is possible to dismiss according to the prescribed flow, but considering various risks, I would like to avoid dismissal as much as possible. In my case, I have patiently dealt with those who cannot comply with punctuality and the rules for reporting when absent from work, both of which are the corporate principles. Compared to Japanese workplaces, in U.S.  workplaces they rarely have the habit of shouting or apologizing, so if you are Japanese, you have to keep the difference in mind. Since there are various races and the way of thinking is completely different, it is essential to have enough communication at work. In order to avoid miscommunication, it is necessary to write the points down and get a signature. It is necessary to have clear rules and sufficient prior explanations to bind non-Japanese people who have strong self-assertion and many excuses. When I made the rules, what I had emphasized was Mr. Inamori’s teaching of following the principle.

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