Vol.26 倹約を旨とする/ Practicing thrift

Vol.26 倹約を旨とする/ Practicing thrift





Vol.26 Practicing thrift

  Kazuo Inamori (Founder of Kyocera and KDDI, Honorary Chairman of JAL) is saying that when your company starts making money, it’s not easy to stay frugal. Minimizing expenses is the entry level management participation anyone can do, according to his book “Kyocera Philosophy”.

This is a good criticism of myself. That’s because, as a business owner, I had been trying to spend as much as I could at a cost on the gray zone. It was no surprise that I wasn’t able to make a profit while I was doing that. In fact, my company was in the red for the first few years. Recognizing the harsh reality, I changed my mind and started to make a clear distinction between private and business spending. It was clear that the financial situation started improving little by little.

Next, as it was obvious that further cost reductions were needed, I asked my employees for help and started by saving water and electricity. What I learned is that it’s important to change my attitude and behavior before asking employees for help. If you wanted your employees to reduce costs without changing your moderation, it would be inevitable to be criticized as a selfish business owner or a manager.

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